The studio

It was always a dream of his — to have his own studio, to dedicate himself to a lifestyle of health and fitness, so that he could not only push himself to the limit, but help, motivate and inspire others.

You've gotta go all in to make it happen, live and breathe it until it becomes a reality.

Personal Training

We have built a team of experienced trainers who offer a range of styles and levels of difficulty to suit you — no matter your level of experience. Our studio is renowned for results in weight management and fat loss, overall fitness and also nutrition.


Group fitness

A great way to get a whole body work out without having to think or plan for yourself. From high intensity to gentle reconditioning and everything in between. Explore our range of group exercise classes and find one that will inspire you to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Evolt 360

Educate yourself about your body with an Evolt 360 body scan, revolutionary in the way we track your health and fitness goals. This state-of-the-art technology will let you know if your body is responding to what you're doing, if it's working, and if not, how to adjust your program to make sure you are reaching your goals.


Massage therapy is widely used to aid in general wellbeing, especially for a variety of health related purposes. Rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, address anxiety and relieve pain through massage that is tailored to your needs and ensures the best outcome for you.