Group Fitness

A great way to get a whole body work out without having to think or plan for yourself. Explore our range of group exercise classes and find one that will inspire you to achieve your fitness goals.

Coming together in group fitness has created the community we know and love where we support one another to reach our goals. 


Boxing workouts can burn between 350 and 500 calories in just one hour. It can help develop cardiovascular efficiency, muscular endurance and strength. Boxing quickly helps you tone up your body, leaving you feeling fast, strong and powerful. 

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HIIT Cardio

HIIT cardio classes are a combination of brief, very high intensity bursts of cardio exercise, followed by periods of rest, a great way to lose fat, relieve stress and challenge your fitness routine.

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Great for those just starting out with yoga or anyone looking for a gentle stretch class, we move through a series of stretches that work through the the spine, shoulders, neck, back and legs. A great class to attend after a workout to promote muscle recovery, lengthening and mobility, or perhaps if you need a way to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Strength Cardio

A great calorie burning work out that targets popular areas that people want to tone up, firm up and burn fat, perfect for those who want to improve their overall body shape, or even for those who simply want to improve their overall fitness.

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Thrive Max

Similar to boxing, Thrive Max helps with cardiovascular efficiency, muscular endurance and overall strength, but with more variety of movement, and using freestanding boxing bags instead of pads. Thrive Max incorporates punching, kicking and fight combinations to have you not only breaking a sweat and relieving stress, but having fun! 

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Parents & Bubs

A seriously fun class for you and your little one. Build up your stamina, energy levels and confidence, while socialising with other parents and kids! Kids up to five years old are welcome.

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