Check out our trainer profiles below, and put a face to the name before you come into the gym.


Steven D'Onofrio

Steven has helped 100’s of people over his 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry.
He is now proud owner of Thrive for Life and has a team of experts that have been mentored by him.

Title- Director/Personal Trainer
Star Sign- Virgo
Life Motto- “Reach for the sky and you’ll touch the ceiling. Reach for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor”
Ideal Holiday Scenario- At a soccer world cup anywhere in Europe, watching Australia and Italy.
Favourite Genre of Music & Movies- RnB/Hip Hop. True events.
Motivators/Mentors- Steven Gerrard, Eric Thomas, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
Favourite Sports/Teams- Soccer & Rugby League. Liverpool FC, St George Illawarra Dragons.

Sean O'Brien

Sean has over 20 years Experience in the Health and fitness industry and has represented
Australia in Muliple sports. His infectious energy and passion is hard to miss and we love
having him around. He is always available to help you with your needs.

Title- Personal Trainer
Star Sign- Cancer
Life Motto- "Why finishes at the line when U can finish over the line", "Posture we control
is the posture we take into life",  "Live healthy, be more energetic, love people (TEAMMATES)
Ideal Holiday Scenario- Active and exploring NEW challenges & Countries. With my life
partner Elisha, I want to learn about my destination, not just be there.
Favourite Genre of Music & Movies- Bon Jovi, Top 40 hits from all eras & Rocky Tracks
Motivators/Mentors- Steven D'Onofrio 😉
Favourite Sports/Teams- BMX, Mountain Biking, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Union,
Tennis, Touch Footy, Go Kart Racing.

Joy Wyton

Joy brings to the table her warm and understanding nature and is very good with her hands.
She has helped all walks of life gain vitality and wellness through massage therapy.

Title- Massage Therapist
Star Sign- Pisces
Life Motto- “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.
Ideal Holiday Scenario- Back pack adventure with no time limits.
Favourite Genre of Music & Movies- My tastes vary depending on which personality I’m wearing.
Motivators/Mentors- Dali Lama, Nick Vujicic (the most inspiring human being that was
born with huge disabilities and a huge heart), Steven & Diego.
Favourite Sports/Teams- Manly Sea Eagles (But bring back the North Sydney Bears!).
My 3 children’s soccer teams.

Emmanuel Elturk

Emmanuel “Manny” is our remedial massage therapist, and offers over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. He is great at fixing bodies in a range of different techniques. His very own website and booking system can be found here https://www.dynamiclifestyle.com.au/

Title-  Massage Therapist
Star Sign- Libra
Life Motto- To help you live a Lifestyle that gives love and freedom 24/7
Ideal Holiday Scenario- My wife and I spending 4 weeks alone in the Greek islands without the kids.
Favourite Genre of Music & Movies- Third Day/ Jesus culture. Movies – Christian movies or movies that allow me to unwind, and not think so much.
Motivators/Mentors- My family, Jesus, Anthony Robbins, Bill Hyball
Favourite Sports/Teams- NRL – West Tigers and NSW Blues

Julia Comodo

Julia is from Rio Brazil, and is an experienced Stott Pilates instructor who has a real passion in this field. Be sure to attend her sessions if you are looking for an overall good workout in Pilates.

Title- Pilates Instructor
Star Sign- Aquarius
Life Motto- "Do more of what makes you happy".
Ideal Holiday Scenario- Laying on some warm paradise beach with my partner. Preferably the Maldives.
Favourite Genre of Music & Movies- Rock, Chill, Jazz, Brazilian music (depends on my mood). Movie "Into the wild".
Motivators/Mentors- Joseph Pilates as he is the Pilates guru, Oprah Winfrey as she is an inspiration.
Favourite Sports/Teams- Swimming, and watching Brazil in the soccer!

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